Something To Learn, Something To Teach
Brad Tinmouth, Brian Rideout, Esmaa Mohamoud, Jess Carroll, Virgil Baruchel, Robert Anthony O’Halloran, Jazmine V K Carr & Oreka James
April 13 - 23
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 2017 7-11pm

We all have something to learn, and something to teach.

This exhibition hopes to make apparent the mechanisms through which a creative community is built. A robust arts community should embrace a fluid nature of ideas, rather than foster a compartmentalization of mediums. By detouring from their usual practices, the artists open themselves up to moments of vulnerability allowing for a reversal of power within a space that is so often associated with a singular voice. We hope that these gestures will create a common plane of access to the arts community.

The medium of an artist’s profession, among other things, is a tool to navigate the validity of one's work. It is a tool of power, one that has been attained through education and/or intensive practice. To relinquish it would be to relinquish familiarity and control. Some artists do this purposefully, as a method of finding new ways to wield another tool. Many artists talk about a moment in the creation of their work when they lose grip of it and it develops to its own accord against the will of the artist. Some speak about an immense influence of the spectator and a specific landscape on their work, in a way renouncing the hand of the artist. Perhaps these can be a semblance of defiance against the artist as a singular voice. Perhaps a contemporary understanding of the artist is shifting towards the artist as a conduit rather than a basin. These artists submit a piece of themselves to this exhibition as a sign of good faith, towards the ideals of how an arts community should function—with compromise, open access to the skills they each possess, and a little vulnerability.

Curated by Grayson James, Lauren Armstrong, Jeffrey Chiu, Haley Wilsdon & Brittany Newlove