Second Sight
Madeleine Hope-Fraser & Jack McCombe
August 11 - August 27
Opening Reception: Friday, August 11, 2017 6-9pm


Eyes dart quickly side
to side adopting the
line like a sketch.
There’s a pole in one
place to keep track of
a space that exists in
quantum projection. It
can be fruitful but
don’t forget it’s ability
to deceive.

Lean into it.
Must trust it.

You’re looking over.
Time has granted you
the vantage of a wise
hawk remarking on
the bickering
sparrows. A liberation
of the ages when we
look down the
dizzying mirrors that
herd us like wide-
eyed sheep. It’s
where we are most
elastic. You know as
well as I that we exist
outside our bodies.
We expand between
past and present but
be careful - curtain can
drop real heavy on
your neck. “Don’t get
ahead of yourself!”
The voice calls you
arms waving tongue
out in the field face
piercing with the polite
and pointed warning. 

-mickey mackenna

Madeleine Hope-Fraser is a Toronto born visual artist living in Glasgow. She initially pursued her BFA in 2009 at Queen’s University and later completed her degree in Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art in 2016.

Jack McCombe completed his BA(hons) Fine Art – Photography from the Glasgow School of Art (2016) after previously transferring from the Photography programme at Edinburgh Napier University. McCombe will begin the MFA Programme at GSA in the fall.