modern homosexual (online)
may 9 - 30
opening reception: friday, may 9, 2016


through this multimedia work, sally expresses their frustration navigating the modern (male) (online) world of homosexuality.

the work speaks to the exaggeration, falsification, presentation and objectification of the (white) male body and it's sexual value.

the large, white, tattooed phallus hangs as bait. displayed and exaggerated to produce a powerful effect of longing, desire and dominance or fear. equipped with a harness, the phallus is available for use by anyone, regardless of their physical reality beyond what is on display.

sally exists within the space, displayed and on display, bound by rope, a jockstrap is covering their face. this hyper-sexual garment is all that sally is able to see, proving them to be blinded by sexuality but unable to interact with the 'real' object of desire.

'i cannot see the forest for the trees'

sally is trapped in this new realm of sexual pursuit, however they are unable to actually pursue, interact or discover anything real.