Michele Ayoub
April 1 - 29
Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 2016


Found. is a video installation of “anonymous” moments. discarded footage, voice memos, iphone videos, and interviews from collected documentary projects coalesce into a visual poem. it’s a blurred narrative of abstract images and random sound bites. the viewer is left to observe the abstract and guess at meaning. like looking into a stranger’s window from the street or eavesdropping on a conversation on the bus. or maybe like discovering an alien meteorite in the middle of the city.  

Michele Ayoub is a Canadian artist and filmmaker currently based out of Toronto. She specializes in experimental documentaries, video art and music videos. Her work has been featured in Canadian Art, Vogue Japan, Exclaim, Now Magazine, Noisey and more. She recently had a solo exhibit at Rocket Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.