Immoral Support
Dana Slijboom
July 8 - August 1
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8, 2017 6-9pm


split like a plant in the soil a look
can see at once fray with the left
eye and grace with the right. but its
as though, in the confusion,
they twist what is essentially grey
and turn it ostensibly coloured
to which we seem to say : “okay.”
okay or, “this will do”
Shut the left eye and pretend the
roots dont sit where they are
“okay,” shapes the right eye, here is
a plant, just wait and it will flower,
“this will do.”
But a wink is not so easy to keep
down, the eyelid is hardly a closed
door And to look with the left, 
and with the right, is to find
always how it is the dirtied root
that lets for the flower to touch the

text by kate kolberg